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“Manage your Grow like a Pro”! The Science and Practice of Growing Cannabis in Coco Coir. Coco coir is arguably the best medium to grow cannabis! However, not every grow style takes full advantage of its benefits. Based on scientific principles and informed by personal experience and work with numerous coco growers, this guide clearly explains the information you need to avoid the pitfalls and unlock the magic of Coco for Cannabis! This guide provides clear explanations and recommendations for all the most common questions about growing in coco! • What size and type of containers should you use? • Why does coco need Cal/Mag supplement? • How often should you water? • How often should you provide nutrients? • What kinds of nutrients work best for cannabis in coco? • How strong should your nutrient solution be? Included within the guide, you will find clear instructions for: • How to buffer your coco and avoid Cal/Mag problems • How much perlite to mix with the coco • How to mix nutrient solutions with the correct ratio and strength • How to fertigate (irrigate with fertilizers) properly • How to manage Electrical Conductivity (EC) • How to manage automatic watering systems • How to responsibly dispose of waste water After reading this guide you will know both what to do and why you are doing it! About the Author: Dr. M.J. Coco I have a Ph.D. and am a professor of anthropology. I do academic research in peasant communities, where I have lived and worked with farmers for years. I have graduate level training and have taught university courses in horticulture. I grow cannabis indoors in coco coir and perlite. When I started growing in coco I did extensive research and found the information available to be contradictory and misinformed. I expanded my research into scientific sources to understand the chemistry and biology of soil-less horticulture. I have worked online with numerous cannabis growers who are following my guides. Through this work, I have developed a clear understanding of the issues growers face and the questions they need answered. This guide is the culmination of years of study, practice, and consultation. Coco is a miracle medium for growing cannabis – this guide will help you unlock the magic!

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🗸 Title: Coco For Cannabis: A Grower's Guide
🗸 Rating : 4.7 from 5 stars (201 reviews)
🗸 ISBN-10: 0692170243
🗸 ISBN-13: 9780692170243
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